July 2018

Seven years after Superman Returns served as an homage sequel to the Christopher Reeves Superman movies, DC and Warner Bros rebooted the Man of Steel with, well, Man of Steel. Henry Cavill donned the cape for the first entry in the DC Extended Universe, and he’s since reprised the Kryptonian hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. But many DC fans are eager for Cavill’s Superman to lead another standalone adventure in the form of Man of Steel 2, and the actor has also expressed such eagerness. Should Man of Steel 2 get off the ground, Cavill wants his Superman to face off against Brainiac. When asked why, Cavill responded:

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A couple of days prior IGN.com distributed an article in which they reported that DC Comics at long last uncovered who is quicker – Superman or The Flash.

The entire “Superman versus The Flash” idea has been around for a considerable length of time, with the two superheroes hustling against each other in comic books, kid’s shows, and even the ongoing “Equity League” motion picture. Continue reading