6 Actors Who Could Totally Replace Henry Cavill as Superman

On the off chance that the reports are valid, Henry Cavill is out as the DC Extended Universe’s Superman. The 35-year-old, hunky British performing artist has purportedly left his depiction of the Man of Steel after arrangements for an appearance in the up and coming Shazam film went into disrepair. In any case, who could supplant Henry Cavill? There’s been no news on a substitution so far.

Warner Bros. may in the long run entice Cavill to return the supersuit on, however on the off chance that the studio doesn’t, we think there are a lot of hunky performers in Hollywood who could supplant Cavill and have his spot as Kal-El.

  1. Tyler Hoechlin
    This Teen Wolf cutie is now playing Superman and Clark Kent on The CW’s Supergirl, so we definitely know he looks great in the uniform! Why not have DC’s motion pictures and TV demonstrates line up for a change? Descending the pipeline before long is Hoechlin’s expanded job in the working out biopic Bigger.
  2. Michael B. Jordan
    The Creed star has really been spilled as a contender to supplant Henry Cavill, driving bigot trolls to detonate oblivious openings of web-based social networking. (Nothing unexpected there.) But there’s really point of reference for a dark Superman: In DC Comics, the Superman of Earth 2 passed on shielding the planet and was prevailing by Val-Zod, a Kryptonian who was in every practical sense a dark man. (That is to say, in fact he wasn’t human, yet you realize what we mean.)
  3. K.J. Apa
    The Riverdale star may need to really lose a few muscles to supplant Henry Cavill as Superman. We can’t get enough of this youthful Aussie on-screen character, who murders it week after week on The CW’s Twin Peaks-reminiscent Riverdale.
  4. Jamie Dornan
    How would you supplant an attractive British on-screen character who’s not apprehensive of taking his shirt off? With another British on-screen character not perplexed of taking his shirt off! You’re likely most acquainted with Dornan from the 50 Shades establishment, yet as gooey (and, no doubt, entirely unpleasant) as those movies were, Dornan completed a stellar activity in UK show The Fall (he played a serial executioner) and looks extraordinary in the up and coming Robin Hood reboot.
  5. Joe Manganiello
    The True Blood star was supposedly considered for Superman even before Cavill put on the cape, yet he needed to pull out as a result of planning clashes. Rather, he had a post-credits scene in Justice League as the awful Deathstroke. Obviously, since his appearance was as a conceal reprobate, there’s no reason he couldn’t be swapped back in as the Man of Steel.
  6. Matt Bomer
    It’d be decent for an out gay on-screen character to play the saint for once, wouldn’t it? Bomer positively has the great looks and body to play the Man of Steel. Also, the Missouri-conceived performer just oozes that “aw shucks” air so well, making him a shoo-in for modest columnist Clark Kent.