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2002 Superman Statue Cover Adventure Magazine
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2002 Superman Statue Cover Adventure Magazine
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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
Since 1995 the Superman statue in Metropolis Illinois, 'Home of Superman' has graced the cover of every summer edition of 'Adventure Magazine'. And Superman collectors and fans have made it a tradition of sorts to get every yearly issue. each yearly issue of the magazine chronicles all kinds of Superman related articles such as the annual Superman celebration, Superman related guest stars of film and television who have attended past celebrations, Superman related trivia, Supermuseum stories, photos and Superman related ads and commericial tourism ads regarding things to see and do in Metropolis and Fort Massac which is the oldest and best state park in Illinois. Well, over the years there have been hundreds of inquiries on how to obtain a very limited amount of back issues and through a recent local sourse we were able to pick up a few mint copies of the magazine spanning the last 15 years. So if you are a Superman collector or fan who is trying to fill in some gaps in your collection, now is your chance because not even the publisher has extra past issues to send out so this may be your only chance.

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