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comic book 289
comic book 289
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Superman Images Gallery
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Art (87)
Superman fan art hand drawings, photoshop work, or other computer art. Please post only your work unless you have permission and post the artist's name or link to their site.
Professional Art
Avatars (4)
Collectibles (82)
Post images of your Superman collectibles, comics covers, toys, DVD covers, etc.
Greeting Cards, Superman Posters
Comic Book Ads (22)
For all those neat classic comic book ads.
Comic Art (20)
Art from comic books new and old.
Alex Ross, DC Comics New 52
Comic Book Covers (478)
For all your favorite comic book covers.
Classic Comic Covers, Comic Covers 70s-89, Modern Comic Covers
Holidays (25)
Superman related holiday images go here, whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Halloween.
Christmas, Halloween
Humor (19)
For just plain silly and fun Superman images.
Power Girl (1)
Superboy (1)
For the 80's Superboy TV Show
Supergirl (10)
Fan art and pics for the girl of steel, Superman's cousin, Supergirl.
Superheroes (135)
other heroes that may or may not have worked with Superman in the past.
DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Other Heroes
Superman Comic Book Images (2)
Art, images, promos from Superman comic books both old and new.
Superman's Friends (17)
Images and fan art of the cast of characters that work at the Daily Planet, lived at Smallville, or Krypton including the Kents, Jor-El, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, etc
Lois Lane
Team-Ups (30)
Classic team-ups and original team-up ideas.
Hulk and Superman, Spider-man and Superman
TV and Movies (497)
Images of Superman related programs and films.
Superman Batman Movie, Man of Steel 2013, Superman Returns ...
Villains (16)
Images of super villains.
Wallpaper (62)
75th Anniversary Animated Short Wallpaper Smallville Wallpaper
Alex Ross Wallpaper, New 52 DC Wallpaper

1508 images in 65 categories.

New images
Deadlaw the Undead Superhero
Deadlaw the Undead Superhero (Tim)
Other Heroes
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Crisis Supergirl Poster
Crisis Supergirl Poster (Tim)
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Supergirl's TV Superman
Supergirl's TV Superman (Tim)
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Superman Poster
Superman Poster (Tim)
Superman Batman Movie
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DC Main Heroes!
DC Main Heroes! (Tim)
Superman Batman Movie
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Wonder Woman Movie Poster
Wonder Woman Movie Poster (Tim)
Superman Batman Movie
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Batman Armor
Batman Armor (Tim)
Superman Batman Movie
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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Tim)
Superman Batman Movie
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Aquaman Sea Monster
Aquaman Sea Monster (Tim)
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Batman Mummy
Batman Mummy (Tim)
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Justice League Monsters
Justice League Monsters (Tim)
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Superman Halloween
Superman Halloween (Tim)
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Wonder Woman Halloween
Wonder Woman Halloween (Tim)
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Zombie Superman Neal Adams
Zombie Superman Neal Adams (Tim)
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Superman Batman Selfie
Superman Batman Selfie (Tim)
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Comment to image : Justice League Monsters Happy Halloween! [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : Action Comics 15 Cover Art Earliest known Superman cover art brings $286,800 in public auction

Original cover art from Action Comics #15 sells at Heritage Auctions in New York for $286,800; joins 9.0 CGC-Graded Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man’s first appearance, which brought $191,200

NEW YORK – The earliest Superman cover art known to exist – Fred Guardineer’s action-packed tableau from 1939 of the Man of Steel from Action Comics #15 – brought $286,800 at Heritage Auctions on Feb. 22 in New York.

“Guardineer’s cover is the earliest Superman cover art in existence,” said Ed Jaster, Senior Vice President at Heritage, “and an absolute treasure of comics history. A price like this shows just how much collectors covet a rarity like this.”

The Action #15 cover depicts Superman in full hero mode, saving a distressed U.S. Submarine just a few feet from a presumably bad end in the depths of the ocean, without seemingly an ounce of strain.

It was purchased by Richard Evans, of Houston, TX, who owns Bedrock City Comics Company. He has said that he plans to display the cover in his shop.

“I’m just a big fan,” he said.

The sale of the Action Comics #15 cover art comes a day after a pristine 9.0 CGC-Graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, sold for $191,200, the highest price ever realized for this comic in this grade. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : Superman Timeline Great image Jerod! [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : Superman VS Bizarro I would love to see this as a regular TV series. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : Superman and Mighty Mouse For everyone that ever wanted to see Mighty Mouse team-up with Superman. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : American Heroes How's this for a truly crazy, but very American teamup of Patton, Superman, and Mr. T. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : comic book 308 Another neat one that seemed to differ from the usual Superman storylines of the time. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : comic book 307 Guest stars Supergirl. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : comic book 310 Classic Superman vs Metallo tale. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

Comment to image : comic book 311 Great issue features a Kryptonian, and guest stars the Flash. One of my favorites. [Admin] Posted by : : Tim

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