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Superman Doomsday the DVD  Superman Movie DVD List

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Superman Doomsday is inspired by the best-selling graphic novel of all time, DC Comics' The Death of Superman. When the intergalactic serial killer Doomsday is unearthed, Superman meets the creature head on in the battle to end all battles. Going punch for punch, Superman finally ends the threat of Doomsday as he throws one last punch and collapses forever making the ultimate sacrifice to save Metropolis and all those he once loved.

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Doomsday Comic Book Article Archives

Superman vs Doomsday "The Death of Superman" 1992

Relive the Day of Doomsday

Doomsday Cast
Voice actor Character
Adam Baldwin Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman
Dark Superman
Anne Heche Lois Lane
James Marsters Lex Luthor
John DiMaggio Toyman
Tom Kenny The Robot
Swoosie Kurtz Martha Kent
Cree Summer Mercy Graves
Ray Wise Perry White
Adam Wylie Jimmy Olsen
Kevin Smith Grumpy Man
James Arnold Taylor Mayor of Metropolis
Officer Tucker
Kimberly Brooks Murphy
Townsend Coleman Drill Operator
Chris Cox Damon Swank
Hettie Lynne Hurtes Newscaster
N/A Doomsday

Comparisons with the comics

As explained by Bruce Timm, the film focuses on the events of The Death of Superman, World Without a Superman and the Return of Superman comic book story lines, but does not use several of the subplots and secondary characters for story and time reasons. Significant differences from the comic into the movie include:

* The comic Doomsday was a eugenics experiment gone awry. The film Doomsday is a Doomsday device cybernetic soldier originally programmed to slaughter the "enemy", but which somehow lost the ability to tell friend from foe and was buried/hidden on Earth in its distant past by its creators.

* In the comic, prior to the Death of Superman arc, Lex Luthor supposedly died of kryptonite poisoning and his son, Lex Luthor II, who had long hair and a beard, appeared, though in reality Luthor cloned himself, had his brain placed into the clone's body, and posed as his own son. In the movie, Luthor appears in his classic bald appearance.

* In the comics Clark revealed to Lois that he was Superman long before the Doomsday storyline.

* Doomsday was clothed and buried underground and punched his way out into the open by himself. In the movie, it is Lex Luthor's team that unearths him and then he breaks free but he is not in the Calaton burial suit as he was in the comics.

* The Justice League, known as Justice League International at the time, fought Doomsday with Superman. They are omitted in the movie, as are others like Supergirl and Batman.

 * In the comics most of the battle took place in the outskirts of Metropolis (at daytime) slowly leading up to it. Superman gets cut many times and most of his shirt gets ripped off, and the only civilian casualties took place at a construction site and a couple of buildings that Doomsday destroyed from underground; whereas in the film, the entire fight took place in Metropolis (at nighttime), Superman only retained cuts to the face and only a bit of his shirt gets damaged, and there were many more on screen civilian casualties.

* Superman and Doomsday died by hitting/punching each other at the same time with their last strengths (with Superman using both hands). In the movie, a severely wounded Superman takes Doomsday into outer space and re-enters the atmosphere in a kamikaze dive, having the extreme heat of the atmosphere and the force from hitting the ground to kill Doomsday and in turn, himself.

* In the comics, Cadmus stole Superman's body from his grave for study. In the movie, it was LexCorp.

* At the end of World Without a Superman, Jonathan Kent suffers a heart attack and fights in the afterlife to get Superman's soul back. In the movie, Jonathan Kent was already long dead.

* Before the real Superman's return, the Reign of the Supermen had four people claiming to be Superman: Steel, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman and Superboy. In the movie, all four have been omitted. Though, Dark Superman, seems to be a combination of elements of Superboy (he is a clone of Superman), Eradicator (no moral center and using lethal means on criminals) and Cyborg Superman (Superman-like villain for final battle). One of Lex Luthor's Superman clones, however, does resemble Superboy in his first appearance.

* Mongul becomes the main villain for the remainder of the Return of Superman storyline. However he doesn't appear in the movie at all.

* Superman's "Solar Suit" is different between the comic and movie versions. While both versions absorbed solar energy, the comic version could only mimic Superman's physical powers but not restore them. That is why Superman wore rocket boots for his flight and used laser guns in place of his heat vision. In the movie, before the Superman/Dark Superman battle, Superman has been trying to get his strength back, but only gets to 67% when the battle happens and has to wear the solar suit to help himself during the fight.

* Lois Lane is convinced that the real Superman is genuine in the comics by his knowing Clark Kent's favorite novel (To Kill a Mockingbird). In the film, he convinces her by kissing her passionately (the clone was standoffish).

* In the comics, the absence of Clark Kent is explained by the fact that he could be trapped in the rubble following the Superman/Doomsday fight; he (with help) later faked "discovering" a bedraggled Kent in an old bomb shelter. In the movie, he goes to Afghanistan to cover a story and is assumed missing until later.

* The film represents the only Superman story in which Superman has ever been cloned perfectly. Other clones, such as Bizarro and Superboy were imperfect or flawed due to Superman's Kryptonian DNA.

DVD & Blu-ray

Superman: Doomsday was exclusively available on DVD with a collectible packaging over the DVD box that had a cover of Superman bursting through the movie's logo. The special features included a retrospective look at how the Death of Superman comic came to be, a look at voice actors, as well as a Defeat Doomsday game with a 10 minute preview to the next animated film; Justice League: The New Frontier.

It was the only film in the series originally released without a special edition, with the 2-disc special edition DVD being released over a year after the first release.

Release of a Blu-ray version was announced with a release date of February 26th, 2008, but was delayed.

Warner Home Video released a new "Special Edition" Blu-ray and DVD, featuring new bonus materials on November 25th of 2008