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Writers :
Doris Egan
Chris Long

Smallville episode: 11
Smallville Episode Guide


hand shake of death

Bob Rickman
Bob Rickman

The Smallville gang rides again!
Clark, Chloe, and Lana

This episode begins at the environmental protection agency where a very successful businessman named Bob Rickman is discussing his plans for Smallville. The environmental worker Paul plans to keep Mr. Rickman from entering Smallville, that is until Rickman shakes his hand. A strange green tint
glows from Rickman's hand when touched. Rickman is then able to command his victim to perform any task. In the case of Paul, the environmental worker, his order was to jump out the window of a very tall building.

Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Chloe Sullivan are out horse back riding. The Smallville gang talks about mysterious goings on in the woods where they are riding.  Lana goes alone to retrieve Chloe's camera. Suddenly, Clark and Chloe hear Lana scream. Clark gets off his horse and runs super speed, behind Chloe's back of course, to help Lana.

Lana is lying on the ground with a mysterious man hovering above her, as if he was checking on Lana's condition. Clark yells for him to get away from her. The man turns out to be Kyle Tippet. We later learn that Kyle was a friend of Bob Rickman in the past. Now Kyle lives alone in the woods in a very small trailer.

Clark talks his father, Jonathan Kent,  into letting him go talk to Kyle. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor pays a visit to Bob Rickman and lets him know how he feels about Rickman polluting his town, Smallville. Bob doesn't get the chance to shake Lex Luthor's hand. Lex, after all, does not like Bob at all and doesn't care to let Bob know that. Rickman reveals to Luthor that he plans to use the Kent farm for his business. Lex advises Bob that the Kents will never sale their farm.

 Click for the Warner Bros. Online

John Schneider as Jonathan Kent
Jonathan Kent

Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent
Martha Kent

Kyle Tippet
Kyle Tippet

Back at Kyle Tippet's, Clark asks Kyle about what happened to Lana. Kyle says the horse threw her and he was just checking to see how she was. Clark finds out how pessimistic Kyle is. Kyle only wants to be left alone. He feels that he doesn't need friends and that friends can only betray you.

Kyle pays a visit to Bob Rickman. Kyle tells Bob that they had a agreement that he wouldn't mess with Smallville. Bob explains that it was a long time ago, and goes on to say that he has spent the last nine years honing his abilities while Kyle has been hiding in the woods. Kyle responds, "Take my hand and see how afraid I am." Kyle leaves.

Clark offers Kyle a ride home, while Bob puts the whammy on Whitney Fordman, Lana's boyfriend.
After Clark drops off Kyle, Whitney starts a fight with Kyle at his trailer. Clark runs back just in time to stop Kyle from busting a bat on top of Whitney. Kyle gets booked for assault, and Whitney claims he was attacked first by Kyle. 

Bob Rickman pays a visit to Jonathan Kent. Jonathan tells Rickman right off the bat that he's not interested in selling. Rickman fakes a fall so Jonathan will give him a hand up. Of course, when he does that Rickman is able to control his mind long enough for Jonathan to sell the farm.

Clark meets Lex at the diner to enlist his help. Lex offers the services of his team of lawyers, but is perplexed on how Rickman was able to talk Jonathan Kent into selling the farm. He asks Clark if he thinks there was more to the deal than Rickman's salesmanship. 

Clark decides to go to the jail to talk to Kyle Tippet. Before he gets there, Rickman shakes hands with one of the deputies telling him he would like him to take care of an old friend. This is not a good thing for Kyle. The deputy opens the cell door and lets Kyle out, but Kyle uses his power to take the Deputy's  uniform. Clark shows up outside the jail as Kyle is walking out. A deputy fires at Kyle and a bullet whizzes right past Clark's face. Clark runs super speed and grabs Kyle out the way and disappears as the deputy fires several shots in their direction. Unfortunately even with Clark's super speed, Kyle is still wounded, and Clark must seek the aide of Lex Luthor once again. Lex gets a non-licensed doctor to take a look at Kyle.

A bullett misses Clark!

Lex is at the diner again where Rickman shows up and attempts to shake Lex's hand. Lex tells him point blank that he just doesn't like him. Clark walks in asks Rickman how he got his Dad to sign the paper. Rickman offers to shake Clark's hand. Rickman's trick doesn't work on Clark but he gets his hand crunched pretty good by Clark's super strength. Rickman leaves. Chloe, Clark and Lex Luthor talk about the history of Rickman and Tippet. It turns out that the two were salesman in the mid eighties and from 1989-91 were salesmen of the year while selling farm equipment. Also, apparently the salesman were trapped in the meteor shower twelve years ago that brought Clark to Earth.

Clark and Chloe confront Kyle, and he explains the powers that he and Rickman share to control others. Chloe has to be convinced so Kyle puts the whammy on her telling her she does not have to be afraid to show Clark how she feels. Chloe gives Clark a nice long kiss and then snaps out of it not knowing what she had done. Chloe confused asks, " Why are you looking at me like that and why is my mouth minty?" Clark responds, "Let's just say he proved his point." Kyle tells Clark that Rickman is afraid that he will expose him.

Chloe kisses Clark

Bob Rickman goes to the Luthor mansion to tell Lex that he has won, and the Kents will be getting back their farm. So why not shake?  Next, Clark calls Lex, and he offers to pick him up. Clark and Kyle get into Lex's car while Lex is supposed to be getting gas, but Lex locks the car doors and begins to pour gas all over the car. Lex lights the car setting it ablaze, but Clark knocks open the car door. Clark rips the door off on Kyle's side and the two run as the car explodes a several feet in the air.

Clark bursts off with Kyle on his back with super speed. Lex staring hypnotically remarks, "Clark you have some explaining to do." Rickman shows up with a automatic weapon and hands it to Lex Luthor. Luthor goes inside the garage, where Clark is hiding. Lex not seeing Clark yet says, "Clark I always knew you were keeping secrets from me, but I never thought they were this good." Lex sees Kyle and grabs him threatening to shoot him. Clark asks Lex not to do it because he is his friend. Lex responds, "Oh please, you think I don't see the way your parent's look at me, the way half the town looks at me. You're no different, friendships a fairy tale Clark. Respect and fear are the best you can hope for! " Clark responds, " Rickman's doing this do you!" Lex says," What if he did ?". Clark quickly comes back," You hate Rickman!" Lex remarks,"You can learn a lot from someone you hate." Lex begins firing at Clark with a barrage of bullets knocking Clark to the ground. Lex walks over to Clark probably believing him dead, but Clark knocks him across the room.

Kyle confronts Bob Rickman outside. Their power glows from their hands as they wrestle for Rickman's gun. Kyle's power turns out to be the strongest, as Rickman points the gun to himself and pulls the trigger. Clark runs outside where he sees Rickman lying on the ground. Kyle tells Clark, " I was the better salesman!" He also tells Clark that he saw him get shot, but not to worry his secret was safe. Kyle advises Clark not to hide in the woods like he did. "You got a gift, use it to do great things," he tells Clark.

Clark getting shot at by Lex Luthor

Clark gets pounded by bulletts

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

The next day, Martha Kent is nursing Clark's bruises from the gunshots. Lana Lang comes over to apologize for a previous disagreement they had about Whitney attacking Kyle, and asks if Chloe really did kiss him. Later, Lex pays Clark a visit in the barn to let Clark know Rickman's lawyers had ripped up the contract to the farm thanks to Rickman's untimely demise. Then he tells Clark, " I still don't remember what happened. You sure I didn't hurt you?" Clark just lifts his arms to suggest that he is ok.  

Lex remarks, I wonder where Kyle is now?"  Clark says, "I don't know, it's still strange to think he and Rickman were once best friends. Do you think we'll ever end up like that?" Lex responds, " Trust me Clark our friendship is going to be the stuff of Legend."  Clark just smiles.

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

Tom Welling as Clark Kent

Music from Hug
Into the Lavender by Rubyhorse
Have A Nice Day by Stereophonics
Mistaken I.D. by Citizen Cope

Slow Down by Wayne
Into You by Jennifer Knapp