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SUPERMAN RETURNS Limited Edition Watch from Fossil

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Writers :
Story: Greg Walker
Teleplay: Michael Green
James Marshall

Smallville episode: 15

Smallville Episode Guide
Nicodemus flower


Smallville - 8" x 10" Color Still Photo #14 2001
Buy this poster from MovieGoods

Bo Kent listening to Dukes theme

This episode is a rollercoaster ride filled with fun and a few tear jerking moments. The show starts out with a raged filled man driving a red truck with a strange flower next to him in the passenger seat. The man really goes into a rage when he can't get Lionel Luthor on his cell phone. Up ahead, driving along minding his own business, is Jonathan Kent, played by John Schneider, who, of course, is well known for his role as Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. Interestingly enough Jonathan is listening to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song by Waylon Jennings.( Personal note* I loved that scene, it cracked me up!) The enraged driver comes up behind Jonathan honking his horn and screaming for him to get out of his way. The maniac ends up going off the side of the road and his truck lands on its roof. Jonathan Kent pulls over and rescues the man right before the truck explodes. Unfortunately, the flower must have flown out of the truck somehow, because when Jonathan sets the man down after carrying him from the exploding truck, he gets zapped with the pollen from the flower right in the face.

 Click for the Warner Bros. Online

Dr. Hamilton pops up at the Luthor mansion to report to Lex Luthor that one of his employees has stolen a rare formerly extinct flower known as the Nicodemus. Lex reminds the doctor he was hired to study the effects of meteorites on people, not flowers. The doctor tells Lex that the employee had a accident and was pulled out by another driver. Lex  responds, " Don't tell me it was Clark Kent?" to which the doctor replies, "Actually it was his father Jonathan."

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Clark comes home to see a shocking discovery. Jonathan and Martha Kent his parents kissing in broad daylight! Clark says, " I did not need to see that!"  Also strangely Jonathan doesn't seem to be the least interested in work that he normally would be doing at that time of day. 

About that time Lex Luthor pops over to on the farm. Unfortunately, he picked a bad time to be around Jonathan. While drinking a beer,  Jonathan tells Lex basically he hates him and his entire family, and then proceeds to belch in his face.

At school, Pete Ross reveals that he doesn't like Lex Luthor because Lionel Luthor had cheated his family twelve years ago. A few minutes later, Chloe Sullivan talking about Clark's interest in Lana, tells Clark," You know, the choice is yours. You can either sit in the loft and play with your telescope or move on."

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Jonathan Kent is not acting like himself. Martha Kent notices that he has a fever. Just then the phone rings. Jim Alexander at the bank is calling to tell Jonathan that he is getting turned down for a loan. Jonathan tells the banker he is coming down there and he is going to have to turn him down to his face. 

Jonathan speeds to Smallville driving more recklessly than a drunk Duke boy. 
listen to Jonathan's verbal assault on other drivers.  Clark sees Jonathan heading toward the bank. Jonathan gets out of his truck and heads toward the bank with a shotgun. Clark stands in front of him trying to reason with him. Clark grabs the shotgun and Jonathan shoots him. The shock of having shot his own son accompanied with the effects of the flower are too much for Jonathan. He passes out, and is taken to the hospital.

Clark looks shocked at his dad's driving

Jonathan roars through town in his blue truck

Clark gets shot by his father

At the hospital, the doctor tells the Kents that the accident victim Jonathan saved has the same symptoms as Jonathan. Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang go to the accident scene in the middle of the night, where Lana gets exposed to the flower. Lex Luthor pays a visit to Dr. Hamilton and tells him to pack up one of the Nicodemus flowers to have his specialists take a look at it to find a cure.

The next day at school, Lana comes in with a brand new look and attitude.

Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang

She goes to Whitney first who she asks to take off from school, but Whitney says he is too far behind in school. Lana brushes him off, and goes to Clark to try to seduce him. She talks him into going to the school swimming pool. Lana takes off her dress and jumps into the pool. She comes out of the pool and kisses Clark. Lana then pushes him into the pool and disappears, and when Clark looks up he only sees the principal staring down angrily.

Lana Lang's new look

Lana kisses Clark

Chloe discovers that Dr. Hamilton was also snooping around the accident scene. Lana puts the moves on Lex Luthor next and then steals his car. Chloe confronts Dr. Hamilton where she sees a book on the Nicodemus flower.

Lana stealing Lex's car

Meanwhile, Lana speeds toward the tower where it is possible to see the Metropolis skyline. Clark gets there, but Lana still climbs up the tower and falls down, luckily into Clark's arms. Lana passes out and is also taken to the hospital. Clark finds out that his dad has slipped into a coma. Lex is there at the hospital too looking worried about Jonathan's condition.

Clark confronts Lex about the flower, and the book that Chloe had seen at the doctor's which had been checked out by Lex. Lex lies about knowing the doctor. Clark grabs his arm and angrily asks him not to lie to him to no avail.

Chloe and Pete sneek into the doctor's lab where Pete gets infected by the flower and gets his hands on a gun. Pete steals Chloe's car and heads toward Lex Luthor's.

The accident victim Jonathan saved dies, and the Kents grow more worried. Clark tells his mother, " With all my abilities there is nothing I can do." Martha tells Clark about how she met Jonathan while he was taking a class in Metropolis. Martha cries, and hugs Clark.

At the Luthor mansion, the doctor and Lex are discussing a cure for the flower that the doc had find in a old book from a museum. Pete shows up and wounds the doctor. Lex tells Pete he has the cure but he doesn't believe him. The doctor manages to escape with the book, but Lex is still pinned. Clark shows up and pretends to be angry with Lex so Pete will let him get close. Clark knocks Lex out, and when Pete goes to shoot Lex, Clark grabs the gun from Pete. When Clark asks Lex if the doctor had been there as Pete had raved, Lex just says," What do you think Clark?"

With the cure found Jonathan Kent recovers. Chloe goes back to the doctor's lab only to discover everything is gone, including the doctor. At the Luthor mansion, Lex tells the doctor that he is sending him away from Smallville to Catmus labs just outside Metropolis.

With everyone cured, Lana and Clark go back to the tower to check out the Metropolis skyline. Lana asks Clark if she did anything to him she should be embarrassed about. Clark just smiles and says no.

Metropolis skyline

Clark and Lana on the tower

Music from Nicodemus

Theme Song To The Dukes of Hazzard by Waylon Jennings -- This is playing in Jonathan's truck at the beginning of the episode before the accident.
I Will Make You Cry by Nelly Furtado
-- When Lana makes her entrance through the hallway after her extreme change of appearance.
Destiny by Zero 7 -- This is playing when Clark first sees Lana's new look.
Supernatural by Divine Right
-- This is played during the pool scene.
Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K
Big Day by Puracane
Love Sweet Love by Josh Clayton-Felt
Saturday Night's Alright by Hal Lovejoy
Beautiful Day by U2
-- This is playing at the very end of the episode when Clark and Lana are looking at the Metropolis skyline from the tower.