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features the smash hit song Superman
This song was on the Smallville Episode "Stray"

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Michael Katelman

Smallville episode: 18
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Felice -Head Cheer leader 

Candidate for School President

Paul Chan -Super Nerd

Candidate for School President

Sasha -Mad Villain

Candidate for School President

Clark Kent- "Man of Tomorrow"

Candidate for School President

It's time to elect the school president, and you thought politics was tough at Washington.
Besides dealing when the likes of Felice, head cheer leader and queen of obnoxious popular teen stereotypes, Paul Chan is about to find out how far his fellow politicians will go to win an election. After some ill words are traded between Paul, Felice, and Chloe, lucky for Paul Chloe is on his side, Paul has a bizarre run-in with thousands of bees in his own house. Paul ends up in the hospital, still alive, but in pretty bad shape.

 Click for the Warner Bros. Online

Meanwhile, Lex meets Cary Castle, staff reporter with the Metropolis Journal, while driving one of his many sports cars. Cary, a motivated and good looking woman, gains Lex's attention by pretending to be stranded on the side of the road. Lex, although impressed by her style, does not grant Cary the interview she desires, not immediately anyway. She finally gets the interview after taking the place of one of Lex Luthor massage therapist.

Back in the battle of school politics, Pete Ross puts Clark Kent's name on the ballot, and begins immediately drumming up support for Clark. Clark is reluctant at first but starts to like the idea after his parents Jonathan and Martha Kent give him the go ahead. Everybody is on the Clark bandwagon, including Lana Lang, except for Chloe. Chloe asks Clark what he stands for on the issues and he tells her, "I stand for truth, justice, and other stuff!"
To Clark's dismay, Chloe doesn't officially support him in the school paper, choosing instead to support Paul Chan the first bee victim.

Felice becomes the second bee victim, swarmed in her own car. She is stung worse than Paul and goes into a coma. Clark puts together a theory that another candidate Sasha might be a suspect since she was attacked by a swarm of bees the previous year. Chloe checks on it thinking it's not a lot to go on. After confronting Sasha, Clark is attacked by the bees which he quickly disposes of.

Apparently Sasha has a strange ability to control swarms of bees, but when she loses her control over them, Clark Kent is there. Clark is only able to stop the swarms of bees by igniting a propane tank while simultaneously shielding Sash from the blast.with his indestructible body 

In the end Clark once again has saved the day but loses the school election to Paul Chan.

examples alluding to Clark's future as Superman
Lex comes up with a slogan for Clark "Man of tomorrow", which Superman is often referred to as.

Clark says in one scene to Chloe, " I stand for truth, justice, and other stuff!"

Lex remarks he would like to be President someday. He is in the comics. This is also hinted at in the vision from Cassandra the old lady in the episode "Hourglass".

Music from Drone
Stick Em Up by Quarashi
If There's Love by Citizen Cope
Not What I Wanted by Evan Olson
Drink To Get Drunk by Sia
The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
-- This is playing when Chloe asks Clark about where he's at on the issues.
Wogs Will Walk by Cornershop
Opaline by Dishwalla
Big Day by Puracane
Wake Up Elvis by Alan Charing
Fever For The Flava by Hot Action Cop
Here Is Gone by the Goo Goo Dolls
-- This is played at the end.




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