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Writers :
Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
Greg Beeman

Smallville episode:21 
"Tempest" Season Finale First Season
Smallville Episode Guide


This episode the season finale of season one was advertised weeks before as the "Storm", with commercials warning of the storm's approach. This episode really does start out stormy in more ways than one. Lionel Luthor pays Lex Luthor a visit at the plant and shuts it down immediately blaming Lex in front of the entire plant for faulty management. Lionel is determined to bring Lex back home to Metropolis.

Whitney reveals to Lana he has joined the Marines, and asks her to wait for him, while the rest of the town worries over the grim financial prospects with the plant closing. Lex meets with some of his workers trying to make a plan to keep the plant open. Chloe's dad is also affected and Chloe's tells Clark she may have to move back to Metropolis.

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Clark works some frustration off at the farm driving fence posts into the ground with his bare hands. After getting into the truck there is a sudden explosion destroying the truck and catching Clark on fire which just seems to annoy him. Watching from a distance is the journalist Roger Nixon, who apparently rigged the explosion to test Clark's powers. Thinking it a freak accident the Kents continue on as normal.

Roger Nixon confronts Clark about his survival of the truck explosion. Lex Luthor pretends not to know Roger Nixon who is under Lex's payroll. Clark correctly comes to the conclusion that Nixon had rigged the explosion and confides in his parents that, and the fact that he saw a piece of the spaceship on Lex's desk. All the while Roger Nixon listens to the conversation through a bug he planted at the Kents.

Whitney and Lana have a final dance where the formal is to be held. In the next scene Chloe picks Clark up at the farm as the wind begins to pick up as the storm approaches. At the formal Clark promise to look out for Lana for Whitney, and Lana drives Whitney to the bus stop. Lana gives him her kryptonite necklace and he promises not to lose it this time. Whitney professes his love for Lana and leaves on the bus.

The annoying reporter Roger Nixon sneaks into the cellar where he finds the spaceship, while Remy Zero play at the spring formal. Clark and Chloe dance together having a great time, while the storm grows outside.

Lana while driving home after having said her goodbyes to Whitney, finds herself in the middle of a huge storm. Driving down the road and fighting tears, Lana is hit by debris and hits a ditch. Lana gets out of the truck and sees to her horror two twisters heading her way. Lana jumps back into the truck and waits.

Roger Nixon still in the cellar has the missing piece that Lex's team had discovered fly out of his hand onto the ship like a missing piece of a puzzle. The Kents prepare to go to the storm cellar, and Jonathan Kent discovers the reporter. Angry Jonathan questions the reporter, asking him if he was the one who threatened Clark. Jonathan punches the reporter while Martha Kent protests. Suddenly the spaceship comes to life and Nixon runs outside into the storm. Jonathan goes after him, proclaiming he will not let him destroy his family. Martha begs him not to go but it's too late. Behind her the ship lights up to Martha's surprise.

At the formal just as Clark begins to kiss Chloe, the dance is stopped to warn the students of the twisters that have been seen heading toward Smallville. Clark worrying that the twisters were near the bus station where Lana dropped off Whitney, suddenly disappears. Clark heads toward Lana at super speed, leaving Chloe wondering where Clark had gone.

At the Luthor mansion, Lionel confronts  Lex Luthor about his plans to save the plant. Lionel threatens to bury Lex and everybody in Smallville that takes his side! At that moment the storm hits the mansion, causing Lionel to be caught underneath a beam while another very large jagged one hovers dangerously overhead. Lionel cries out for help from Lex who his bleeding around his eye. Lex just stares at his father almost insanely, as Lionel  cries for help.

Lana helplessly watches as three twisters join into one and destroy a barn coming ever so closer to her. Clark arrives as Lana screams out to him. Clark yells Lana as the truck Lana is in flies off into the twister. Clark rushes super speed into the deadly twister.
Unfortunately it's to be continued next season!

to be continued

Music from Tempest

What Do I Have To Do? by Stabbing Westward
Where This Love Goes by Sherri Youngward
Everything by Lifehouse
-- This played during Lana and Whitney's dance. This song was also used in the first episode of Smallville.
Breathe by Greenwheel
Let Go by Gigolo Aunts
What We've Been Through" by Paul Trudeau

Remy Zero makes a guest appearance on this episode at the Spring Formal playing the shows theme song and another hit.

"Save Me" by Remy Zero
"Perfect Memory" by Remy Zero