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Smallville    Episode: Hourglass
Writers :
Doris Egan
Chris Long

Hourglass Smallville Episode Guide
Lex Luthor quote " I don't want to do good things. I want to do great things." click to hear.


At the local retirement home, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, and Lana Lang are visiting the seniors for community service for school. Clark and Pete run into an older lady named Cassandra, who has the ability to see into the future. Cassandra warns Pete that he left his keys in his car, while Lana visits with an old man named Harry.

Lana wheels Harry out to a bridge over a pond, and leaves him there to retrieve a scarf for Harry. Harry takes this opportunity to sneak a smoke, but he drops his lighter and accidentally falls into the meteor contaminated pond trying to grab it. His electric wheelchair falls in with him and somehow with the radiation from the meteors and the electric shock transforms Harry into a young man.


Young Harry

Meanwhile, Cassandra warns Clark that someone close to him is about to die.
Next we see Clark at the farm telling his parents Jonathan and Martha Kent about the ominous warning from Cassandra. When Clark tells Lex Luthor,  he is skeptical, but is curious about Cassandra.

We find out that Harry is an excellent piano player that could have been quite a star in his youth, but he killed his teacher's son blaming him for his musical career failure. Harry kills a man disguised as a electrician. The man was a relative of Harry's teacher.

Clark revisits Cassandra, this time Clark sees the same vision as Cassandra. The vision is of Clark standing in a graveyard with his family and friend's names on all the gravestones.

Lex lets his curiosity get the best of him and visits Cassandra, but refuses to let her look into his future. Lana sees the wall of weird with her childhood picture on the cover of Time magazine. from when she lost her parents. 

Harry goes after his next victim, a lady who works at the diner. Clark figures out who Harry's next victim is and heads for the diner. Harry throws the waitress out into the street in front of a big truck. Clark saves her and goes after Harry. Harry attacks Clark with a knife but it breaks into a million pieces on Clark's chest. Clark throws Harry onto the top of a car about 35 ft away. While recuperating Harry changes back into his old self.

Next Lex shows Clark the wreckage of his Porsche from the first episode when Clark saved his life. 

Harry goes back out to the pond and recreates the circumstances that caused him to revert to his youthful self. Harry goes after the Kents and Martha is the only one at the farm. Harry chases Martha into a corn silo with a machete. Martha pulls a chain causing all the corn to fall. Jonathan and Clark show up at the same time. Clark sees Martha with his x-ray vision and tears into the silo to save her life. We only see Harry's hand that grows old and withered.

Lex Luthor visits Cassandra again. This time he sits down to have his future read by her. Cassandra sees Lex Luthor in the white house. ( Lex Luthor is now President of the United States in the comic books at the time of this writing ). She also sees Lex standing in a field of large flowers. Lex reaches out to touch one with black gloved hand and the flower starts to die and wither away. All the flowers die and are replaced with a bone yard. Lex just smiles in the vision and then drops of blood start to pour down out of the sky onto Lex.

The vision is over and Cassandra isn't moving. Lex asks while visibly shaken "What did you see?".  Lex slowly removes his hand from Cassandra. He realizes something is not right. Apparently the vision was so horrible to Cassandra that the shock kills her. Lex rises dropping the flowers he had brought her and calling for help. Clark comes in and says " She saw it...her future."

Lex Luthor quote while talking to Cassandra " I don't want to do good things. I want to do great things." click to hear.

Music from Hourglass

5/4 by Gorillaz
Time Served by Dispatch
Crush by Kevin Clay
Piano Sonata by Fryderyk Chopin, performed by Idil Beret

 Click for the Warner Bros. Online

Episode #6

Original Air Date: November 20, 2001

Written By: Doris Egan

Directed By: Chris Long

Guest Stars: George Murdock (Old Harry), Eric Christian Olsen (Young Harry), Jackie Burroughs (Cassandra)