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general Superman sites cover more than one aspect of Superman including possibly merchandise, comics, movies, conventions,  and television. 
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Bluetights.net - great site features video blogs from Bryan Singer.

www.dccomics.jouwpagina.nl - lots of Superman and other DC comics links. Right now the Superman movie theme by John Williams plays in the background.

Superman Celebration - it's the site for the Metropolis town yearly celebration.  They usually have celebrities like Noel Neil the 1950's tv Lois Lane.

SupermanSupersite.com - covers movies, tv, and just about everything on Superman.

SupermanHomepage.com -dedicated to giving you information on Superman in all forms of media.

Superman central -episode guides, galleries, addresses of Superman actors.

Retrobug.com -kids' site, In addition to Superman, they currently have over 200 different topics online.

-In 1998, on the 60th Anniversary of Superman, a concept was set in motion to form a Hawaii based gathering of fans of the Man of Steel. In January of 2002, after three and a half years of research, promotion and preparation, the Superman Fan & Collectors Convention of Hawaii began!

Superman: A Who's Who of the Man of Steel
Very informative site that is dedicated to the actors that have put on the "S" and brought Superman to life from 1938 till today.

The Man of Steel a Dedication to Superman

Has a lot on Smallville and has an award you can win by submitting your site.

Clark Kent's Superman Resources -Categories include Downloads, Online Games, FAQ's, and much

Friends Superman Site - superman images, original comic art, rogues gallery, etc