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Episode Guide Main Page

Season Four Episode Guide

1. Lord of the Flys (September 22, 1996)
Lois is having trouble adjusting to life without Clark and thinks she is going crazy because she keeps seeing Clark in her mind. Clark goes to New Krypton, but then finds out that evil Lord Nor has gone back to take over the earth, starting with Smallville. Superman must go back to save Earth and defeat Lord Nor. After learning that Clark (Kal-El) is back on Earth, Lord Nor captures Clark's parents. 

2.  Battleground Earth (September 29, 1996)
Clark is convicted of treason by the Elder's Tribunal and is banished from the earth. But Ching finds a loophole that allows Clark to settle the dispute by fighting Lord Nor. As Superman fights Lord Nor, the military plans to kill all the Kryptonians, including Superman, with Kryptonite gas. Superman defeats Lord Nor, and survives the gas because most of it is absorbed by Lord Nor's men. Zara and Ching return to rule New Krypton. Clark proposes to Lois again.

3. Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding [Wedding] (October 6, 1996)
Lois and Clark plan for their big day...again. But Myrtle Beech, aka The Wedding Destroyer, has other plans. She blames the happy couple for sending her to prison and is bent on getting revenge. Myrtle plans to use a rigged ring to kill Lois, but Clark convinces her not to kill Lois. Later, Lois and Clark fly off in search of the perfect place for their wedding. Once there, the find Perry, Jimmy, their parents and a mysteriously familiar man named Mike, who performs the ceremony. 

4.  Soul Mates (October 13, 1996)
Just before Lois and Clark are able to consummate their marriage, H.G. Wells returns to tell them that they are soul mates, linked through time, and that they have been cursed so that if they do consummate their marriage, Lois will die. They travel through time and meet up with Tempus, who was the one that cast the curse. They break the curse and restore the present timeline. 

5. Brutal Youth (October 20,1996)
After Lois moves into Clark's apartment, they realize they will need a bigger place and start shopping for a house. Dr. Klien tells Lois that Clark will live much longer than her, which causes Lois to be overwhelmed with fear. Meanwhile, Vera Duetson has invented a device that transplants youth, and Jimmy has been exposed to the device. Superman, who is immune to the device, agrees to use his energy to save Jimmy.

6. The People v. Lois Lane (October 27, 1996)
While Lois and Clark are moving into their new home, Lois goes out to meet a former informant of hers. The informant is shot and Lois is holding the gun. She is arrested and later convicted of murder. 

7. Dead Lois Walking (November 10, 1996)
Superman breaks Lois out of jail and while on the run they must try to find out who is framing Lois.

8. Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark (November 17, 1996)
Lois and Clark meet Bob and Carol, a couple who seems to share all their interests. But, of course, things aren't always what they seem. Bob and Carol were research scientists and Bob was involved in a freak accident at work that causes him to be magnetic. Carol invented a suit that helps him control his magnetic powers and Bob took on the identity of Deathstroke. They sued the company they worked for, but were denied compensation, so they decided to go after the guy that owned the company. Lois just happens to be their ticket in to him because she is doing an interview with him. Superman stops their assassination attempt by destroying Deathstroke's costume with his heat vision. 

9. Ghosts (November 24, 1996)
Con-man Herbie Saxe (Drew Carey) is trying to buy up all the houses on the block, but the Kent's won't sell. So, Herbie tries to make them think their house in haunted, and in the meantime conjures up a real ghost named Katie (Kathy Kinney). Because the Kent's seem so happy, Katie ends up possessing Lois's body. Clark and Herbie work together to find Katie's murderer. Once they do, they convince Katie to release Lois's body and move on to "the other side". 

10. Stop the Presses (December 8, 1996)
Perry is promoted and temporarily promotes Lois to Editor-In-Chief. This puts a strain on Lois and Clark's marriage. Ethan Press wants to kill Superman and is using his computer wiz brother find Superman's weaknesses by hacking into Superman's medical records. Ethan and his brother trap Superman in a dark nuclear silo and weaken him with a nuclear explosion and a quantum disrupter, but Superman manages to tear open the roof of the silo, therefore restoring his strength with the sun's energy. Perry decides he misses the newsroom, so he and Lois go back to their old jobs. 

11. 'Twas the Night Before Mxymas (December 15, 1996)
Mr. Mxyzptlk (Howie Mandel), an imp from the fifth dimension, comes to Metropolis on Christmas Eve and creates a time loop causing the day to repeat itself over and over. But only Superman is outside the loop and knows what is going on and the people of Metropolis are feeling more and more hopeless each time the day repeats. Mxyzptlk tells Superman that if he will leave Earth forever, hope will be returned to those he loves. Superman refuses, which helps Lois to be pulled from the loop. When Lois and Superman trick Mxyzptlk into saying his name backward, he is sent back to the fifth dimension. 

12. Lethal Weapon (January 5, 1997)
Clark's powers are out of control because of exposure to red kryptonite, which seems to affect him differently every time he's exposed to it. He's ordered by the mayor not to use his powers. Meanwhile, Perry White's son, Jerry is back in Metropolis and is showering his dad with gifts. Lois and Jimmy discover that Jerry has the red kryptonite and that he's been using to neutralize Superman during robberies, from which Jerry gets a percentage of the proceeds. Jerry is hired by Mr. Gadget and his son who plan to destroy Metropolis with a sonic device if they don't get a billion dollars. The mayor asks for Superman's help in stopping them, but sends guards with him armed with a green kryptonite bullet in case Superman's powers go awry again. As Superman attempts to destroy the device, the police think he is out of control again and use the green kryptonite bullet on him. Lois warns Superman and he is only grazed by the bullet, but they find that the green kryptonite neutralizes the red kryptonite.

13. Sex, Lies and Videotape (January 19, 1997)
Superman is framed by a philanthropist and tabloid newspaper owner who is jealous because Superman won the International Peace Prize. When one of the tabloid's reporters takes photos of Superman and Lois in an intimate embrace, it causes a huge media scandal. Clark struggles with the possibility that he may have to reveal his secret identity when the middle eastern peace talks he is mediating fail because of the scandal. Lois and Jimmy reveal that the photos were faked, so Superman's secret is safe. 

14. Meet John Doe (March 2, 1997)
Tempus is back and he plans to plunge the world into a thousand years of darkness. Using the name John Doe, and a "subliminator", a device from the future that plants subliminal messages in the minds of the masses by using the telephone system, he runs for President and convinces people to vote for him by telling that "John Doe is a darn nice guy". After winning the election in a landslide, Tempus tricks Superman into stepping into a time window, and when Tempus touches the window, it spins off into eternity, leaving Lois behind crying for Superman. 

15. Lois and Clarks (March 9, 1997)
Tempus continues his quest for world domination. H.G. Wells, alerted by the disappearance of utopia in the future, returns to make sure that Superman is alright. When Lois tells him what happened, Wells goes to an alternate dimension to bring "alternate" Clark back to help. This Superman finds and destroys the subliminator, and, when Tempus threatens nuclear war, alternate Superman stops him. Wells and Lois use Wells' time machine to find and rescue the real Clark. 

16. AKA Superman (March 16, 1997)
Penny, a young woman obsessed with Superman, thinks she has discovered Superman's true identity and it is none other than Jimmy Olsen. She makes a date with Jimmy, and he realizes that she's only interested in Superman, but doesn't correct her mistake. Meanwhile, Penny's boss, Garret Grady, is working feverishly to activate a satellite weapon that the government is trying to destroy. He kidnaps Penny and Lois and when Jimmy tries to rescue them, he gets nabbed too. Grady tells Superman to fly into space to activate the satellite or else. Superman destroys the satellite, captures Grady and saves Lois, Penny and Jimmy. 

17. Faster than a Speeding Vixen (Part 1) (April 12, 1997)
Leslie Luckabee takes over ownership of the Daily Planet and a mysterious "Super Vixen" begins "helping" Superman fight crime in Metropolis. But it soon becomes apparent that she has no regard for human life when she begins killing the bad guys instead of capturing them. Vixen is working for a disfigured man named Troll, who lives in an abandoned subway station and is determined to rebuild Lex Luthor's financial empire. Lois and Clark discover that Vixen is responsible for the disappearance of several missing CEO's. Luckabee is to be Vixen's next victim. Vixen is revealed to be a robot and is destroyed by Superman after she captures Luckabee, who we discover is working with Troll. Lois and Clark discuss having children. 

18. Shadow of a Doubt (Part 2) (April 19, 1997)
Leslie Luckabee tries to come between Lois and Clark and continues to work with the Troll to rebuild Lex Luthor's empire. Meanwhile, there is a shadow creature lurking in Metropolis who is working for the Troll because he believes the Troll can cure him. When he finds out that this isn't true, he plans to get even by going after Lois. He is destroyed by Superman when he attacks Lois. Lois and Clark discover that Luckabee is Lex Luthor's son. Luckabee and the Troll find Lex Luthor's final message, which tells them that Clark Kent is Superman.  

19. Voice From the Past (Part 3) (April 26, 1997)
Lois and Clark discover that Leslie Luckabee was hired by the disfigured Troll to impersonate him in the outside world. The Troll is really Lex Jr. and he is determined to finish what his father couldn't, to kill Superman and marry Lois. He takes control of Lois's mind and she leaves Clark, telling him that she wants a divorce. Lois and Leslie enjoy a romantic dinner together, but when Leslie doesn't follow orders, Lex Jr. shoots him. When Superman shows up, Lex Jr. threatens to detonate a bomb unless Superman becomes a Lex Corp employee and lets him marry Lois. Superman freezes Lois's body, making Lex Jr. think she is dead so Lex Jr. sets off the bomb. The bomb presumably kills Lex Jr. Superman repairs the damage done by the bomb and then revives Lois. 

20. I've Got You Under My Skin (May 31, 1997)
Woody Samms, a man who is wanted by the mob, uses a stone to trade bodies with Clark. Once he figures out that he's Superman, he doesn't want to give his new body up. Clark, who is now powerless, must run from the mob and try to convince Lois that he is trapped in another man's body. Woody finally gives Clark his body back so that Superman can save Woody's daughter Becky.

21. Toy Story (June 7, 1997)
A toymaker kidnaps children from orphanages so he can make them happy. When he discovers that the company that fired him is using one of his inventions, The Reintegrator,  to make money, he gets upset and starts kidnapping the children of the company's Board of Directors. And because Dr. Klein had been working to perfect the device, the toymaker kidnaps Dr. Klein too. When Lois touches a toy with Reintegrator effects, she is transported to the toymaker's workshop where the children are. Lois manages to get a message to Clark, who rescues everyone. Lois, with the help of Martha, decides she is ready to be a mother. Perry places a lonely hearts ad in the paper and it is answered by his wife, Alice. 

22. The Family Hour (June 14, 1997)
Lois and Clark find out from Dr. Klein that they cannot have children, so they decide to tell Lois's father, Dr. Sam Lane, about Clark's secret to see if there is any hope that Dr. Klein is wrong. Meanwhile, Dr. Fathead Mensa has escaped from prison and is bent on getting revenge on all who have betrayed him. He's spent the last five years practicing advanced mental techniques including telekinesis. After being threatened by Mensa, Sam's lab assistant, Misha, drugs Sam to find out what he is working on and learns that Clark is Superman. Lois and Clark visit an adoption agency, but are told that it is unlikely that a child will be placed with them because of their dangerous lifestyle. Mensa kidnaps Lois and Clark's parents and plans to use a machine that boosts brainwaves on them, but because the machine isn't ready, it ends up zapping all their bad memories, including the knowledge that Clark is Superman, from everyone including Sam. As Lois and Clark lie in bed discussing their options on having kids, they hear something downstairs. When they go down to investigate, they find a baby in a cradle with a note saying that the child belongs to them. 

Episode Guide Main Page

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-Dean Cain as Superman (1993-97 television series)

Lois and Clark Tv Series
 the ABC television series which follows the lives and adventures of Clark Kent Lois Lane and other denizens of Metropolis we've grown to know and love over the years.