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Episode Guide Main Page

Season One Episode Guide

1. Pilot Episode (September 12, 1993)
Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis and is hired as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Clark decides to use his powers for good and his parents help him to create a costume and a secret identity. At the Daily Planet, Lois and Clark are assigned to investigate the alleged sabotage of the space program's Space Station Prometheus project. Clark, disguised as Superman, saves Lois from a space shuttle and then confronts Lex Luthor after learning of Lex's involvement in the sabotage. 

2. Strange Visitor (September 26, 1993)
Lois and Clark become the targets of a government investigation led by renegade agent Jason Trask. Clark discovers that he is from Krypton when he finds the spaceship that brought him to Earth.

3. Neverending Battle (October 3, 1993)
Clark moves into a new apartment. Lex Luthor creates his own "disasters" in order to test Superman's abilities. Clark briefly considers not being Superman anymore. Lois steals Clark's story about Superman, but Clark gets revenge by sending Lois on a wild goose chase.

4. I'm Looking Through You (October 10, 1993)
Metropolis celebrates Superman Day and Clark feels that he is loosing his identity to Superman. Meanwhile, inventor Alan Morris (Leslie Jordan) has invented a suit that makes the wearer invisible, but someone has stolen some of the suits. It's up to Superman to catch them and put a stop to their antics.

5. Requiem For a Super Hero (October 17, 1993)
Perry decides that Lois and Clark should be a reporting team. Lois and Clark investigate a group of boxers that seems to be stronger that your average man. They discover that Lois' estranged father Dr. Sam Lane, a legend in sports medicine, is behind it all. Along with Lex Luthor, who is providing funding for the project.

6. I've Got a Crush on You (October 24, 1993)
Lois and Clark go undercover in a riverside nightclub to try to expose a ring of arsonists called the "Toasters". Clark gets close to the lady in charge of the group of thugs and Lois gets jealous.

7. Smart Kids (October 31, 1993)
A group of orphans have been given a drug that temporarily increases their IQ. The kids run away from the orphanage and threaten Metropolis and then Lex Luthor, who secretly funded the project, in order to get more of the drug. They have also discovered Superman's secret identity.  

8. The Green, Green Glow of Home (November 14, 1993)
Perry sends Lois and Clark to Clark's hometown, Smallville, Kansas, to investigate a strange rock that was found there. Lois meets Clark's parents. Clark discovers that the rock makes him violently ill. 

9. Man of Steel Bars (November 21, 1993)
When a heatwave hits Metropolis in November, Superman is blamed and he is ordered not to use his powers. Lois discovers that the heat is coming from a nuclear power plant owned by Lex Luthor.  

10. Pheromone, My Lovely (November 28, 1993)
Everyone at the Daily Planet, except Clark, is affected by a perfume that makes them act out their romantic desires. This causes Lois to reveal her attraction to Clark. Superman must stop the evil scientist (Morgan Fairchild) from spreading the perfume all over Metropolis. 

11. Honeymoon in Metropolis (December 12, 1993)
Lois and Clark pose as honeymooners, staying in a honeymoon suite at a posh Metropolis hotel, while trying to uncover a possible government conspiracy.  

12. All Shook Up (January 2, 1994)
After Superman attempts to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth, Clark Kent is discovered by the police in Metropolis's Suicide Slum Area suffering from amnesia. Jonathan and Martha Kent try to help Clark remember that he's Superman before the asteroid collides with Earth.  

13. Witness (January 9, 1994)
Lois witnesses the murder of a scientist who claimed to have discovered the secret to male virility. While they are investigating the murder, Clark tries to protect Lois from the murderer. 

14. Illusions of Grandeur (January 23, 1994)
Wealthy children are being kidnapped by a mad magician and held for ransom. Superman is hypnotized into helping the villain during an attempt to rescue one of the children. Superman manages to shake of the hypnosis just in time to stop the villain from broadcasting her hypnotic Magic Channel. 

15. The Ides of Metropolis (February 6, 1994)
Lois harbors convicted murderer Eugene Latterman at her apartment. She lets Clark in on the secret, and they work together to prove the man's innocence. Meanwhile, with Lex Luthor's help, the man Eugene is accused of killing is spreading a computer virus that is wreaking havoc on computers worldwide. With Superman's help, Eugene is able to stop the spread of the virus.  

16. Foundling (February 20, 1994)
A globe Clark Kent found at Trask's warehouse (in the Episode Strange Visitor) begins to glow and from it, Clark receives a message from his Kryptonian father Jor-El. But before Clark can learn more, the globe is stolen from Clark's apartment and sold to Lex Luthor. Luthor learns of Superman's alien origins, but not his earthly identity. Clark gets Jack, the young thief who stole the globe, a job at the daily planet. 

17. The Rival (February 27, 1994)
The Daily Planet is regularly being scooped by its competitor, the Metropolis Star. Clark goes to work for the Star, undercover, and winds up working with one of Lois's former colleagues, Linda King. Lois becomes jealous when Linda begins to show interest in Clark. Clark manages to uncover a plot by the Star's publisher (Dean Stockwell) to create news stories that his reporters can scoop so that he can become a media mogul. 

18. Vatman (March 13, 1994)
Using a stolen hair sample, Lex Luthor creates a clone of Superman and attempts to train the clone to do Luthor's bidding, which, of course, is to destroy Superman. When Luthor learns that the clone is dying, he kidnaps Lois, luring Superman into a final battle with the clone. The clone realizes that Superman is not the enemy and returns Superman's hair sample and convinces Superman to take him to the sun to die. 

19. Flyhard (March 27, 1994)
Clark, Jimmy, Perry, Jack, Lois, and Lex are held hostage at the Daily Planet by a gang who believe that there is a vault full of cash hidden under the floor of the Daily Planet. Superman manages to save the day without revealing his secret identity. 

20. Barbarians At the Planet (May 1, 1994)
Lex proposes to Lois. The Daily Planet is in financial trouble and is bought out by Luthor. Jack is framed, by Lex, for setting off a bomb at the Daily Planet and is taken to juvenile detention. Clark, in an attempt to convince Lois not to marry Lex, tells Lois how he feels about her, but she tells him that she does not feel the same way about him. Lois tells Superman that she loves him, but Clark turns her down as Superman and is hurt because she loves him as Superman, but not as himself. In the end, Lois accepts Lex's proposal. 

21. The House of Luthor (May 8, 1994)
Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack (who has escaped from juvenile detention) investigate the bombing of the Daily Planet. Lois has doubts about marrying Lex. Luthor arranges for Superman to meet with him before the wedding and in a basement, Lex drops a cage made of kryptonite on Superman. Meanwhile, Perry, Jimmy and Jack have the evidence needed to put Lex away. Lex runs off to marry Lois, only to be jilted at the alter when Lois says she can't marry him. When the police show up at the church to arrest Luthor, he manages to escape. He goes to the basement where he had Superman trapped, only to find that Superman had escaped. Lex then flees to his penthouse where he jumps from the balcony. Superman is still weak from his battle with the kryptonite cage and is unable to save Lex. Later, the newspaper headlines read that Lex's body is missing. Financier Franklin Stern agrees to buy the Daily Planet. Before Lois can tell Clark how she feels about him, Clark lies and tells her that he just wants to be friends. 

Episode Guide Main Page

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