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Episode Guide Main Page

Season Two Episode Guide

1. Madame Ex (September 18, 1994)
The Daily Planet is re-opened and Ariana Carlin, who turns out to be non-other than Lex Luthor's ex-wife, is hired as staff psychiatrist and syndicated columnist. Ariana wants revenge on Lois and Superman, because she blames them for Lex's death. So she has a Lois Lane look-alike made and uses her to ruin Lois's credibility. She also uses her column to distribute anti-Superman messages to the masses. She plans to kill Superman with a kryptonite bullet and frame Lois for the murder, but Lois is able to remove the bullet from Superman's shoulder allowing Superman to stop Ariana and the Lois look-alike from causing any more trouble. Dr. Gretchen Kelley (Denise Crosby) is caring for Lex Luthor's body and is working to revive him.

2. Wall of Sound (September 25, 1994)
Lois is jealous when Clark is nominated instead of her for the Kerth Award, a prestigious journalism award that she had won for three years in a row. A villain uses sound to put people to sleep so he can rob a bank and then creates a "wall of sound" that even temporarily stops Superman. 

3. The Source (October 2, 1994)
After printing a story about faulty computer chips causing a carnival accident, Lois's source is supposedly murdered in Clark's apartment and Lois gets suspended from the Daily Planet. Lois and Clark must work together to uncover the the truth and restore Lois's credibility. Lois is vindicated after Superman stops another accident involving a runaway subway train. 

4. The Prankster (October 9, 1994)
Lois has a secret admirer who is sending her strange gifts. Turns out that the guy who is sending her the gifts is someone Lois was responsible for sending to prison five years earlier, Kyle Griffin (Bronson Pinchot), who calls himself "The Prankster". 

5. Church of Metropolis (October 23, 1994)
Lois and Clark's investigation of an arson attack on Lois's uncle's restaurant leads them to a crime organization called Intergang. Intergang has been paying cops on the south side of Metropolis to "look the other way" with the idea that property on the south side would lose value and be dirt cheap for purchasing. The leader of Intergang is an old friend of Perry White's, Bill Church. Because of threats to his friends, Superman is unable to stop the crime spree. Mayson Drake, a district attorney, is representing Lois's uncle in his case, but she may have ties to Intergang. She definitely has eyes for Clark, which seems to annoy Lois.  

6. Operation Blackout (October 30, 1994)
After a general is killed at military base during a demonstration of a new weapon, Lois sees a picture of Ryan Wiley, a man she once knew, who was thought to have been killed in a military accident. Lois and Clark track down Molly Flynn, Lois's former best friend and Ryan's former girlfriend. Molly appears to be responsible for a blackout that has shut down Metropolis. Turns out that Molly is innocent and Ryan is still alive and working with a colonel in a plot to take over a nearby base. Superman must stop the terrorist plot before it is too late. 

7. That Old Gang of Mine (November 13, 1994)
A scientist uses DNA research to bring back Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde. After being shot while trying to protect Lois, Clark must fake his own death in order to protect his secret identity. 

8. A Bolt From The Blue (November 20, 1994)
While trying to save William Waldecker from committing suicide, Superman is struck by lightening and some of his powers are transferred to William.   William takes on the identity of Resplendent Man and charges people for his services. Dr. Gretchen Wilson (from Episode Madame Ex) sees the transference and wants powers for herself and Lex's body so she lures Superman to her secret lab by kidnapping William's sister. Superman and William must work together to stop the evil doctor. 

9. Season's Greedings (December 4, 1994)
Note: Sherman Helmsley and Isabel Sanford of The Jeffersons are reunited in this episode.
A toymaker seeks revenge after being fired from his job at Metropolis Toys. He invents a toy that shoots out a chemical that makes adults act like children. Everyone at the Daily Planet is affected. Superman stops the toymaker from dumping the chemical into the water supply. 

10. Metallo (January 1, 1995)
Lois disapproves of her sister Lucy's boyfriend, Johnny. A pair of scientists turn Johnny in to a cyborg powered by kryptonite. Johnny starts causing trouble in Metropolis and even Superman can't stop him - until one of the scientists removes Johnny's kryptonite and escapes with it. 

11. Chi of Steel (January 8, 1995)
Perry's money is stolen at a men's club that he frequents. Lois and Clark investigate and discover that the thief is a ninja who is using mystical bracelets that give him special powers. These bracelets may make him strong enough to beat Superman...

12. The Eyes Have It (January 22, 1995)
After Superman is blinded by a powerful beam of light, Lois takes care of him at her apartment. Everyone believes that Clark is with Mayson Drake at a cabin in the mountains. 

13. The Phoenix (February 12, 1995)
Clark finally gets the nerve to ask Lois out on a date. She accepts, but then Perry sends them on a stakeout instead. Dr. Gretchen Kelley finally manages to raise Lex Luthor from the dead, but now he's bald. Lex wants to accomplish the two things he couldn't before his death, getting Lois, and killing Superman. Dr. Kelley is killed and Lex is shot by his former comrade, Nigel, who is now an Intergang agent. Lex ends up recovering in jail. 

14. Top Copy (February 19, 1995)
A tabloid reporter, Diana Stride (Raquel Welch) discovers Clark's secret identity and reveals it to the world. 

15. The Return of the Prankster (February 26, 1995)
The Prankster, Kyle Griffin, and his sidekick, Victor, have escaped from prison and have a camera that makes people freeze in place. They plan to kidnap the President of the United States when he comes to Metropolis. The Prankster finally discovers a way to disable Superman with his camera, but with the help of Professor Hamilton, who develops contact lenses which stop the flash, Superman is able to stop Griffin. 

16. Lucky Leon (March 12, 1995)
Jimmy takes a job delivering "Desk Friends" for a man named Lucky Leon. Little does he know, Lucky Leon is using the Desk Friends to kill people. Jimmy is accused of murder after one of his customers is killed just minutes after he makes a delivery. Lois and Clark investigate to prove Jimmy's innocence. Meanwhile, Mayson Drake declares her love for Clark, Lois and Clark go on their first real date, which ends with Lois slamming the door in Clark's face because she is scared. After working out their issues, Lois and Clark share a kiss on the way to Mayson's office, only seconds before Mayson is mortally wounded by a car bomb. Just before she dies, Mayson whispers the word "Resurrection" to Clark. 

17. Resurrection (March 19, 1995)
Lois and Clark investigate Mayson's murder and discover that Daniel Scardino, a DEA agent who believes Mayson's death is connected with a string of other deaths, is conducting his own investigation. Lois and Clark discover that someone is giving prisoners a drug that makes them appear to be dead long enough for them to be buried, then their coffins are carried along a track to a safe point. A disgruntled Star Labs employee wants to get revenge on Metropolis and he needs these criminals to do it. Clark is jealous when Daniel shows interest in Lois. 

18. Tempus Fugitive (March 26, 1995)
H.G. Wells comes to Metropolis in his time machine, but he's brought Tempus back from the future to prove that his time machine really works. But, Tempus is bored with living in the 22nd century utopia that Superman and Lois are responsible for. Tempus wants to change history by going back and killing Superman on May 17, 1966, the date that Superman came to Earth. Tempus hijacks the time machine, with Wells beside him and goes back to 1966. Lois and Clark follow, in their own time machine, built using the instructions Wells left for them. While traveling through time, Tempus reveals Clark's secret to Lois, who is stunned to say the least. Lois manages to stop Tempus from hurting baby Clark, Wells takes Tempus to an asylum in 1866 and then returns Lois and Clark to 1995...a few minutes before Wells showed up the first time. They have forgotten everything that happened in the past few hours, so Clark's secret is still safe. 

19. Target: Jimmy Olsen! (April 2, 1995)
As babies, Jimmy and some other children were injected with a dormant virus that manifests itself when they are injected with a special serum. This serum causes the person who is injected with it to be susceptible to suggestion, including the order to kill. Jimmy has been injected with the serum and has been given orders to kill Lois. Meanwhile, Lois gets tired of Clark's disappearing act and accepts when Daniel Scardino asks her out on a date. 

20. Individual Responsibility (April 16, 1995)
Bill Church, Jr. (Bruce Campbell) has taken over as leader of Intergang and he wants control of the Daily Planet. He kidnaps Perry and tells him that unless he joins Intergang, he, and the people he is closest to, will be killed. Superman's exposure to red kryptonite has left him feeling apathetic, so it looks like Perry will have to save himself. Lois convinces Superman to see Dr. Friskin, a psychiatrist. Clark tells Lois that her seeing Scardino bothers him. He asks her to go out with him again, promising not to run out on her this time, and she accepts. 

21. Whine, Whine, Whine (May 14, 1995)
Superman is sued by a musician he slightly injured while saving the musician's life. Then people all over Metropolis begin to accuse Superman of injuring them. Superman is in search of an honest lawyer to represent him. He only finds one, and she is reluctant to take his case. Clark considers dropping one of his identities or leaving Metropolis altogether when his disappearing act causes Lois to turn away from him. Lois struggles with the decision of which man she wants to be with, Dan Scardino, Clark Kent, or Superman. She finally decides that Clark is the one. 

22. And the Answer Is... (May 21, 1995)
Clark tries to tell Lois his secret, but before he can, he is contacted by, Jason Maizik, a man who claims to know that he is Superman. It seems that Maizik has a diary written by Tempus in 1866, revealing Superman's true identity. Maizik threatens to tell the world Superman's secret identity unless Superman robs a jewelry store for him. When Superman refuses, Maizik kidnaps Superman's parents and threatens to kill them and he wants Superman to kill Lois. When Superman explains to Lois what is happening, she comes up with a plan for Superman to freeze her body to make it look like she's dead and then unfreeze her later. Superman thinks the plan is risky, but Lois is more than willing to do it to save Clark's parents. Just seconds before he freezes Lois, Superman cups her cheek in his hand, the same touch that she's received from Clark many times before. At that moment, Lois realizes that Superman and Clark are the same person. Superman takes Lois's body to Maizik, but Maizik uses kryptonite on Superman and then throws him and the kryptonite in the bunker with his parents. Martha manages to get rid of the kryptonite, Superman tears down the door is able to bring Lois back to life. Later, Lois and Clark take a walk in the park where Clark tells Lois how much he loves her and then asks her to marry him. 

Episode Guide Main Page

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-Dean Cain as Superman (1993-97 television series)

Lois and Clark Tv Series
 the ABC television series which follows the lives and adventures of Clark Kent Lois Lane and other denizens of Metropolis we've grown to know and love over the years.