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Kal Reeves
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Latest News and Discussion Last Poster
Spoilers (DON'T look if you think you will see something you don' ... . 2 . 3 . 4 . . 84 . 85 . 86 .
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13 Feb 2012 06:29
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05 May 2011 14:40
'Smallville' Star Tom Welling Drops More Hints About Series Finale.
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29 Apr 2011 21:37
Justin Hartley On Smallville's 300-Flavored Fight to the Death.
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Lex Luthor and Clark Kent reunited on 'Smallville' -- EXCLUSIVE
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Smallville Finale First Look: The Wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane
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Kal Reeves
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New Smallville Promo Features Our First Look at the Returning Lex ...
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23 Apr 2011 19:59
8 Reasons Why This Week's Smallville Is Golden
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21 Apr 2011 21:16
Smallville Boss Talks Finale: "Having Lex Come Back Is Huge"
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18 Apr 2011 15:01
Tom Welling Reflects on Smallville's 10-Year Odyssey
by Mattro
15 Apr 2011 23:23
Smallville Finale Scoop: Will Lois and Clark Really Get Married?
by Mattro
15 Apr 2011 21:35
Cassidy Freeman On Clinches With (Evil) Clark and the Joy of Lex
by Mattro
15 Apr 2011 19:54


Smallville 8th Season DVD info  order at amazon   discuss

Smallville Super Gallery  Our sister or brother site Superherouniverse has collect an amazingly large selection of images from Smallville due in part thanks to our local news reporter and board member Mattro who digs up info from all over the place.

Buy it from Amazon Now
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New Zod Wallpaper Images added to the Wallpaper section

Explore great quotes from the days of George Reeves to Smallville
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Jonathan Kent Fan Art Tribute

The memory of Jonathan Kent lives on.
Send your tributes to or post them here on the board 

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Michael Rosenbaum fans who also like to hear his character Flash on Justice League Unlimited may be interested in the Justice League Sounds page. We've got a wide variety of fun filled Flash quotes in wav format. has just released whole slew of brand new Smallville posters available.
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