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Creates Ultimate Fan Experience With Unprecedented Combo Of AOL Time Warner Assets

Elektra Records, The WB Television Network, Warner Bros. Television and Tollin/ Robbins Productions have teamed up to create the soundtrack for The WB's phenomenal hit television show SMALLVILLE.  The soundtrack is packed with unprecedented added-value components for the upcoming release of Smallville Soundtrack: The Talon Mix that are worthy of, well, Superman!

 By purchasing the CD, fans can explore the world of SMALLVILLE, where they will be able to:

-         Unlock online access to the sold-out first issue of DC Comics' Smallville comic


-         Preview chapters of the upcoming DC Comics’ Smallville novels from Little,

      Brown and Company and Warner Books

 -    Tour a 3-D interactive map of the town of Smallville, including the Luthor  

       mansion, The Talon coffeehouse, the Kent farm and much more

       -    Watch VonRay's live performance of "Inside Out" and Remy Zero's HBO Reverb

            performance of "Perfect Memory"

 -    Collect one of three collectible trading cards--Lana, Lex or Clark--from the    

       Smallville series

Certain to become coveted SMALLVILLE memorabilia for years to come, the collectors' assets will be made available exclusively on the February 25 CD release.  Access to the comic book, novels and map will be made available through special CD key technology.

 Among the artists included on Smallville Soundtrack: The Talon Mix are Remy Zero, creators of the SMALLVILLE theme song, "Save Me"; and VonRay, who contribute the album's first single, "Inside Out," (which was performed acoustically at The Talon in the episode "Ryan"), as well as songs by such acclaimed artists as Weezer, Ryan Adams, Sixpence None the Richer, Lifehouse, Five For Fighting, Phantom Planet, Eva Cassidy, The Flaming Lips and new Elektra artists Steadman (who will perform at The Talon in the episode "Fever," to air February 18) and AM Radio.

 “The marriage of music and our shows continues to be a signature of The WB,” said Lew Goldstein, Co-President, Marketing of The WB.  “This soundtrack is a tremendous opportunity to extend the authentic sounds of SMALLVILLE to a fully enhanced music experience.”

Elektra and The WB have worked in tandem with a host of other AOL Time Warner imprints, including DC Comics; Warner Bros. Television; Little, Brown and Company; Warner Books; AOL; Teen People; and HBO, to provide SMALLVILLE fans with a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience driven by the show's intricate plot lines and innovative interpretation of the enduring Superman myth.  "Fans of SMALLVILLE have such a great enthusiasm for every aspect of the show including the music," says Brian Cohen, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Elektra.  "Our goal was to provide for them the most meaningful fan experiences in conjunction with these great artists whose work has helped contribute to the mystique of the show.  We've created the ultimate fan experience by adjoining an exclusive connection to the show's unique culture that is compatible with SMALLVILLE's inventive story lines and imaginative twists on a truly iconic set of characters."

 To kick off the much-anticipated release, America Online will host an exclusive online listening party for the album and will offer a special sneak peek of the interactive map that can only be fully accessed using the CD key technology.  Such exclusive fan bonuses will only be available to AOL members through America Online at Keyword: SMALLVILLE.  The listening party will also be heavily promoted in the highly popular Keyword: Music area of AOL.  In addition to the listening party, AOL members can also listen to tracks from the CD and other popular music featured on the SMALLVILLE series on the SMALLVILLE custom radio station available across AOL’s Radio@ Network.  The SMALLVILLE station launches on Monday, January 27 under the Soundtracks & More category at AOL Keyword: Radio, and on Radio@Netscape and Spinner.

 Also included in the soundtrack package will be a coupon for a free preview issue of Teen People.

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Smallville soundtrack details

Purchase Sons of the Jungle (Superman and Tarzan) by Chuck Dixon, Carlos Meglia