Day 4 at the 2018 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois

Sunday is the fourth and final day of the Superman Celebration, and things really start to wind down. Most of the special guests have departed, and all the major events have been done, with quite a large number of those in attendance leaving to return to their homes, be it by car or by plane.

I headed up to Artist Alley, where I spoke with Art Baltazar, the artist and creator of children’s comic books like “Tiny Titans” and “Superman Family Adventures”. The man is a bundle of energy and really cool to talk to. I think you’ll enjoy the video interview I grabbed with him. Look for it to be posted here in a few days (as soon as I get time to edit and upload everything together). He’s got an upcoming comic book series titled “The Superman of Smallville” which sounds like fun.

I was able to catch a screening of the “Supermen: World War” fan film by DJC Filmz, which was quite impressive. I snagged an interview with the writer/director and the actor who played Superman, which you’ll see posted in the next few days. The film isn’t available online yet, but you can find the trailer and bloopers online.

The “Stump the Experts” trivia event was fun, with fellow fans trying to out do each other with their knowledge of all things Superman. Compare Chris made me feel very welcome, with the crowd in attendance giving me a nice cheer when he asked me to introduce myself when I got up on the microphone for my turn. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t ejected on the first question asked of me… that would have been embarrasing.

The last big events is the Costume Parade, with all the cosplayers walking, rolling and frolicking down Market Street to the giant Superman Statue for a photo, before they all get to strut their stuff on stage for the annual Costume Contest. I believe one of the Harley Quinn cosplayers won, with an impress The Tick and Bizarro making the top 3.

The Closing Ceremony at the giant Superman Statue sees the Celebration committee and the mayor thank and farewell everyone… and the Superman Celebration is done for another year.

Four days seems like a long time for a festival, but for me, there wasn’t enough time to fit in everything I wanted to do. Between all the photos, videos, and interviews I wanted to capture for you guys reading the Superman Homepage who couldn’t be in Metropolis, added to all the conversations, questions and comments I participated in with new and old friends alike, it actually feels like I’ve squeezed in two week’s worth of activities into those four days. I’m absolutely physically and mentally drained… but in a good way.

The amount of positive feedback I’ve received about the Superman Homepage from fans who came up to me over these past four days in Metropolis has been much-needed fuel to reinvigorate me moving forward. It really has been so heart-warming. This trip hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding. I’m gonna miss the people I’ve met, but I’m also looking forward to getting home. Mixed emotions…

All in all, this trip has just reinforced my belief that as a Superman fan you MUST come to Metropolis, Illinois during a Superman Celebration at least once in your life. You’ll come for Superman, but you’ll want to come back for the fellow fans you’ll meet here. Superman is the glue that brings us all together.

I fly back to Australia Monday… and the flights and time difference conspire to have me totally miss Tuesday and land in Sydney on Wednesday morning. So the website might be a little quiet while I’m flying up, up and away.