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The Adventures of Superman: Original Television Soundtrack
 1950's TV Themes

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Superman music soundtracks that you can purchase online. 

 Buy The Adventures of Superman: Original Television Soundtrack (1950s TV Series)

This is the original TV soundtrack from the 1950's classic starring George Reeves as Superman. This one is from those good old days when Superman fought for truth, justice, and the American way.

 * The TV theme for the 1950s series Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves, had the unusual lead-in of a harp playing a kind of stringed "drumroll" as the camera moved through space, segueing into a dramatic brass triad accompanied by cymbals, drums, etc., at the moment when a shooting star explodes on the screen and the title card appears. A variation on the classic "Faster than a speeding bullet..." was rendered by deep-voiced actor Bill Kennedy.

The opening and closing theme, as well as a number of recurring underscore themes from the first season (the "Phyllis Coates episodes"), were released in 2000 on the CD Adventures of Superman: The Original 1950s TV Series from Varese Sarabande Records. The liner notes make the point that although series musical arranger Leon Klatzkin is conventionally credited with composing the theme, that credit is in some doubt. The use of the Superman theme in the show became ingrained in viewers' minds because the same section of music was played nearly every time the scene cut to Superman flying.

Track list

1. Superman Main Title
2. Slap
3. Violin Scream
4. Brawl
5. Tympani Beat Tension
6. Delirium
7. Build to Sting
8. Skeleton
9. Last Reel Fight
10. Creeping Misterioso
11. Murder Will Out
12. Spectral Thumps
13. Mounting Drama
14. Fight
15. Hit and Run!
16. Nightmare
17. Quiet Tension
18. Spreading Misterioso
19. Blood and Thunder/Just in Time
20. Beating Heart
21. Battle
22. Brutal Regiment
23. Moleska's Plight
24. Tender Secret
25. Cue for String Orchestra
26. Tragic Tension
27. June Waltz
28. Tango
29. Smallville Pastorale
30. Years Go By
31. He Was a Good Father
32. Mother's Farewell
33. Shadows on the Wall
34. Revenge
35. Superman End [Long Version]
36. Corn Flakes Commercial

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